Why a Desktop Appraisal vs. a Traditional Appraisal?

Just as you would…

  • Put your best free throw shooter at the line after a technical in basketball;
  • Have your most accurate shooter take the free kick in a soccer match;
  • Bring in your closing pitcher to get you out of an inning in baseball; and
  • Bring in your best kicker to execute the winning field goal in a football game

there is a right time to incorporate and/or use a desktop appraisal; and now with offering a revolutionary desktop appraisal product it is time for lenders, homeowners and investors to consider this as a viable option to the traditional “full” appraisal. has found the desktop appraisal to be ideal for:

  • Internal Decision Making for Toxic Assets and/or Loan Portfolios
  • Bankruptcies
  • Divorces
  • Loan Mediations
  • Short Sale Negotiations
  • Non-Federally Related Transactions

Our clients have confirmed that in the above-indicated situations the need for an inspection of the subject property and/or paying for a “full appraisal” is NOT necessary many times; thus, saving both time and money.’s desktop appraisal utilizes public records for details about the subject property, property imagery, national flood data and market forecasting*.

A local, geographically competent, certified appraiser defines the neighborhood, imports local MLS data, and then utilizes the most sophisticated analytics available in the marketplace to-date.  Incorporating econometrics in the form of a regression analysis, this desktop appraisal product is unprecedented, due to the statistical analysis and support that can now be provided for both line item adjustments and the reconciled value opinion.

Get a desktop appraisal when you need to save time and money.

Also, don’t forget, offers NATIONWIDE coverage of desktop appraisal reports.

(*) Market forecasting is available at an additional cost